Idea Sellers

Everybody Sells… Either Their Ideas or Products!

We are all idea sellers!

Everyone has instances where we must persuade others to our point of view. First we must convince and convict ourselves of the present need, then we must proceed to do the same for others. Selling is so often related only to goods or services, but it actually encompasses far more. Realistically, the actual “selling of our ideas” can be far more demanding at times, than the sales of tangible products and services.

Each of us has the opportunity to “sell” ourselves to others. It might be on a job interview, or perhaps to that policeman whose “long arm of the law” has pulled you over for a suspected offense, or possibly, when as a teenager, you are trying to convince your parents that you are responsible enough to get your driving permit. Regardless of our profession, this internal sales ability may be one of the most important interpersonal skills that we can develop.

What do you think?


September 1, 2006 - Posted by | Selling products and other tangible goods., Selling the Intangible, Uncategorized

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  1. Batu0131’dan ve soldan gelen oy oranlaru0131nu0131 fevkalade u00f6nemsiz gu00f6steren yorumlar, bilimsel etik au00e7u0131su0131ndan hatalu0131. Madem Click

    Comment by lorachavez1621 | April 9, 2016

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